Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Rosie Self-Immolates

Big surprise! Back in August I asked:

How long do you think the re-feminized Rosie will stay civil, work well and play nice with other "cast members" on the ignominious View?
Do you think money or power will win in this struggle? The View is making more money than ever, but insulting Barbara? There will be no truth to power talk in them parts, Rosie. You, of all people, should know that.

Agent Bedhead has me rolling. The headline "as the war slowly becomes a quagmire":
The Rosie O’Donnell-Donald Trump feud was amusing for about ten minutes, but now the inevitable has happened. It’s become ugly and tedious and interminable, because both of these people are physically incapable of shutting the hell up. In the latest chapter, Rosie started screaming like a fishwife at Barbara Walters because Donald said that Barbara said something about Rosie


Sorry about that. I was trying to follow the trail of incredibly childish countercharges here, and I passed out from boredom and took a face-dive into the keyboard. Page Six has the story here, if you’re interested, and Dlisted has an interesting follow-up letter from The Donald here. No way to know if Trump’s story about Barbara bad-mouthing Rosie is true, but Walters might well think her decision to hire Rosie was about as wise as sinking one’s life savings into Enron shares. Let’s face it: Rosie and Trump are both hypnotically unappealing people, and always have been. But this shouting match has both of them attention-whoring with the same ugly tactics we expect from Paris and La Lohan, people who are at least young and stupid. If Rosie starts running around without underwear, I’m taking an axe to my computer and moving to Pago Pago.
Just try to expunge that image from your mind. Ah, to be rich and famous and self-indulgent.

Please excuse the schadenfreude, for a moment. I'm delighting in Barbara's pain. I wonder if she'll interview herself this year for Most Interesting Person. I mean, I find her decision to hire Rosie very interesting. First question: "Barbara, why did you find it important to add Rosie's voice to The View when there was a good chance she would ruin your reputation and destroy all that she touched?" Instant tears.


Anonymous said...

personally i'm loving every minute of it. I am neutral about Donald. I just don't care but rosie and barbara insult me almost daily about my politics, my vote, my religion, my sexual preference and my cold hard cash. I wouldn't mind seeing both of them (odonnel and walters) going down into a horrid fiery explody crash thingy. (smiley face) c

Anonymous said...

oh, i mean career wise only. c