Thursday, February 15, 2007

Drudge Lives Another Day, Global Warming Lives On

Brendan Loy and his readers debate about Global Warming in the comments. Here are some premises. Do you accept them?

  1. Let's take as the premise, Global Warming is real.
  2. Granting that assumption, does not immediately indicate that humans are the cause.
  3. All people should be concerned about conservation.
  4. Just because the Left like to portray the "right wing nut jobs" as indifferent to the environment, doesn't make it a fact. There is no scientific proof that Leftists are any kinder to the Environment than Right-wingers.
  5. Pretending that Global Warming is the most important threat to man's survival is as stupid as having to explain that global warming causes global weather change.
  6. Scientists are often wrong. A lot. A true skeptic and person of science would accept the Global Warming theory skeptically.
  7. What many people object to is the religious furor many Global Warming adherents bring to the topic which is decidedly unscientific.


carol said...

I live in a small-market area so I don't know what kind of ads talk radio runs elsewhere, but we are currently getting bombarded with PSA's trying to *sell* us on the global warming theory. What's that all about? I mean, that's on top of the sanctimonious YWCA blurbs on racism (where were they in 1960?) and the ads trying to get black women to exercise, and the kids telling us how they worry about the state of health care.

It's getting harder and harder to listen to Rush or Laura Ingraham anymore.

Anonymous said...

Then don't ever get Weather Channel, i.e. "All Global Warming, All The Time".

Also avoid the documentary channels -- Discovery, TLC, PBS, or National Geographic. More and more of their "documentaries" end with tacked-on preaching about Global Warming. It's like watching TBN for Young Earth Creationism and The Rapture.

Anonymous said...

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