Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rudy's Communication Style

Anyone who listens to Rudy Giuliani talk knows he's the prototypical New Yorker: Excitable, fast-talking, impatient, expressive, and sometimes downright rude (at least to buttoned-up types). Rudy mixed it up as Mayor of New York with the press, but the press were New Yorkers, generally, too. They all spoke the same language.

I wonder, how Rudy will be perceived and treated by the National Media? They hate George W. Bush, the "cowboy". Well, Rudy is more cowboy in his rhetoric than Bush has ever been. (I think Bush is at his best when he lets rip and goes "cowboy". It plays great to the average person and a big reason he got elected over the carefully coiffed and worded Kerry.) Here is Rudy talking about "non-binding resolutions".

What do you think? I think the Press will spin him as not "presidential timbre". They will do that with all the Republicans, of course for various reasons. (McCain--old, Romney--Mormon, Newt--too much baggage, the list is endless. The Democrats, in contrast, have two excellent choices in Obama and Clinton. Ha!) Romney, in contrast, is smooth as pasteurized butter.

Will the emphasis on form, and GW Bush's tendency to be rhetorically maladroit, lead people to choose a smoother customer than Rudy?

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