Tuesday, February 27, 2007

God's Beauty

I'm sitting here in my office (warm and inviting), in front of my iMac (marvel of technology), with a cool breeze blowing through my windows. It is sixty-six degrees and clear and gorgeous. And this night reminds me of why I live in Houston. Temperate loveliness, in February, give me soul-satisfying pleasure after growing up in gray, damp, slippery, frigid Michigan. Tonight is bliss. God is great!

With all the silliness in the political world, with all the meanness and wrongness on the nightly news, with all the injustice that passes for fairness, it's nice to sit and enjoy the perfection that is right here.

I think this night calls for a song. This song reminds me of a plane trip to California when I was a kid. 1977, I think. My brother was two and was a round, blond boy with blue-berry eyes and pink cheeks. Dizzy Gillespie was on the flight and bugged his eyes and blew out his cheeks to my brother who did the same back to him. Everyone was delighted. What a nice man and fantastic musician!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, that was great! It just really tickled me this morning to see this and brought a smile and laugh! You are right, God is good!!!

Thanks for this sweet post and this gift!

Chalmers said...

That good looking youngster was me! :-) I am right there with you, God is great, but Houston is just ok. :-) Fort Worth is soooo much better.

Have a great day sis, hope we can hook up soon.