Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Duke (non) Rape Case STILL Not Over But More Bombshells

Blogged a few hours too soon, evidently. More defense motions revealing more un-friggin-believable evidence. Mike Nifong belongs in jail, now. Charles Johnson reports this:

Today’s defense motion also provides a statistical summary of the Meehan test results:

A collective review of all materials provided to the Defendants and information obtained by the Defendants about DNA Security’s work shows that at least 12 of the 22 rape kit DNA extractions—in other words, over half of them—contained male DNA that did not match the Defendants. [emphasis in original]
How is it possible that this case is still ongoing, and that a criminal investigation of Nifong has not been opened in its stead?
And just this morning, I said this:
Yes, this case drags on and on and on. How much time do the new prosecutors need to look at the evidence? It needs to be OVER. Every minute that passes means more anguish on the part of the real victims.
You know how Saddam Hussein received the benefit of an elaborate trial, lawyers lost their lives defending this genocidal maniac, judges were threatened, and everyone on God's green earth knew he was a murderous scumbag? That, my friends, is not justice. It's moral masturbation. All the civilized Westerners can feel good about themselves, "the process", humanity, posterity, blah, blah, blah. It is ridiculous and makes a mockery of a basic, innate sense of fairness. It is the equivalent of giving the bully who beat the baby senseless, time to "share his feelings" so no one feels bad about himself when there were witnesses to the thuggery and everyone knows the kid is a spoiled, mean-spirited brat.

The Duke case traverses this same road, but to a different end. In this case, every rational, sane person knows that these guys are innocent. Now we have more DNA to prove it. And prove it. And prove it. And prove it. What, exactly, are the new investigators investigating? Holy hell, there is more evidence proclaiming innocence and no one seems the least bit concerned at the cost, trauma and holding pattern that is these three defendants lives.

The new investigators threaten to make a new mockery of justice with every passing day. This is not meticulous brain surgery. Why are they treating it thusly? Hmmm.... Now, there's a question, 'eh? Why would the prosecutors office, draped in Nifong shame, continue this sham?
  1. Political backlash--when this is over the pot-bangers are gonna be angry.
  2. Law suits--when this is over everyone, Duke, the police, Mike Nifong, the whole of North Carolina will be going on trial and deserve every cotton-pickin' minute of it.
  3. Pretending at fairness--giving the evidence the weight it deserves.
I'm just guessing here. Really, I don't care. It's done. Time's up, investigators. The jig is up. Over. Finito. Let these people go, to get on with their lives. Every day that passes, they live in a prison of Mike Nifong's making. And the new investigators are aiding and abetting the criminal that is Nifong by continuing this sham.

Stop the madness.

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Anonymous said...

Doc, don't you know that a juicy trial-by-media case is what sets up a prosecutor to become State Attorney General, i.e. "Governor-in-Waiting"?

And after that, the Governor's Mansion, which is only a step to The White House...

Omelettes and Eggs, remember.