Saturday, February 10, 2007

Intimidation Moderate Islam Style in A Small County USA

Here is what is happening in and around Red House, Virginia (thanks to reader Carolyn):

As I reported on Wednesday, the Christian Action Network is planning a demonstration on February 20th in Charlotte Court House against the “Sheikh Gilani Lane” road sign at the Muslims of America (a.k.a. Jamaat ul-Fuqra) compound in Red House, Virginia.

But CAN is having ploblems attracting local Charlotte County people to the demonstration. Folks will be coming in from the adjacent counties and Lynchburg, but not from right there in Charlotte County. As Martin Mawyer, the president of Christian Action Network, told me, “The people over there are scared of those guys. They have to live next to them all the time, and they know that there are some bad people down there at the Red House compound. So they just don’t want to get involved.”
Why would average Americans be afraid of followers of the "religion of peace"? Here's why:
When I asked him about his friend who lives on Rolling Hill Road, a note of apprehension crept into Ray’s voice.

“Yeah, he used to be all gung-ho and say things like ‘we’re not going to put up with this crap’ — he was all ready to take ’em on. But not long ago he ran into one of those Muslims down at the convenience store [at the corner of Rolling Hill Road and SR 727] and got into an argument. And would you believe, that sucker went to his van and pulled an assault rifle on him. Ever since then he’s been keeping a low profile — he doesn’t want anything else to happen to him, so he’s laying low.”

This is a textbook example of mau-mauing in action. But it’s the most hardcore example of mau-mauing I’ve ever personally heard of.

The Great Jihad operates by stealth. The knife at the throat is not its primary weapon of aggression; it prefers to erode our defenses incrementally, using social pressure, legal action, media manipulation, subversion, and good old-fashioned intimidation.

The local government made a decision that this community was the economic savior while looking at empty tobacco fields and the loss of jobs. I would submit to them that they made a very, very short-sighted decision and will pay dearly economically. Who would move a business to a town coddling terrorists?

If you want to go protest this decision and stand against intimidation, do this:
The demonstration on the 20th will go ahead as planned, with or without Charlotte County residents.

On the very slight chance that someone who reads this blog is a Charlotte County resident, or knows a Charlotte County resident: see if you can find a retired marine, or a VFW member, or an Iraq war vet, or maybe an off-duty state cop. Someone who’s not easily intimidated by punks with weapons. Somebody who wants to stand up for this country before it turns into France.

Have that person make his presence known. The date is February 20th. The place is Charlotte County Courthouse, at the junction of VA 47 and VA 40, right in the heart of Southside Virginia.
I can't believe Americans are falling into that same routine as France, England and the rest of Europe. We know where this behavior leads. The more civilized people shrink back because they value life and they have something to lose. But the teachings of Islam promote death as a way to succeed. Intimidation and aggression are part of it. It's an abomination and MUST be nipped in the bud.


Anonymous said...

Remember Serenity?

We're breeding Good Little Mirandans.

Islam breeds Reavers.

Remember Miranda in Serenity?

Anonymous said...

I'm from Charlotte County and this bigotted reporting or what you all consider "reporting" is nonsensical in the vice that the Christian Action Network should have no business in this situation being that they aren't from Red House or Charlotte County in the first place. I hope WE, my county, does sue this organization for littering (as they did when they dropped flyers from planes over the Muslims homes) and that their so-called demonstration is so pathetic that they get the point that for starters, the Muslims in Red House aren't hurting anyone and never have despite the twisted news articles out from organizations like CAN, and that there is a reason why barely anyone and none that I've even heard of from Charlotte County plan to join them in their "demonstration." Not even the most hard-lined conservatives side with CAN. CAN needs to take their hate-filled speech and undeniable bigotry back to Forest, Virginia... an hour away where maybe they can do something positive for their own neighborhood and vicinity in Virginia like they have actually done in the past. Charlotte County is a wonderful place to live and always has been despite it's miniscule problems over the years. We keep to ourselves and are "small town folk" and we'd like to keep it that way. If CAN wants to push something into the limelight, they can find something in their own backyard.

A Southern Baptist whose Christianity follows the ethics of Jesus Christ.

"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."

Anonymous said...

“The Muslims in Red House aren't hurting anyone and never have despite the twisted news”
“They’re not hurting anyone”
This is typical propaganda from “Muslims of the Americas” aka, Jamaat ul-Fuqra.
Poor misunderstood Muslims.

If you really want to know what’s going on in these encampments follow the two links below.
The founder of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, Sheikh Gilani is a terrorist.
Sheikh Gilani has has kept company with gunslingers from Hamas and Hezbollah, Osama bin Laden.
At least 12 Fuqra members have been convicted of crimes including conspiracy to commit murder, firebombing, gun smuggling, and workers’ compensation fraud in the United States or Canada. And Fuqra members are suspects in at least 10 unsolved assassinations and 17 firebombings between 1979 and 1990. Nor is Fuqra’s criminal activity all in the past.
There ib no legitimate excuse you can make for him.
The Red House encampment, the road sign, and the many other Jamaat ul-Fuqra encampments within the US .

“They’re not hurting anyone” Yea-Right.

“The Red House, Va., compound was under surveillance by law enforcement prior to the 9/11 attacks for stockpiling weapons. Three members of the compound, including leader Vincente Pierre and his wife Tracy Upshur, were later arrested for illegal arms purchases.”

A Defense Watch article in 2002 outlines the activities of the Red House compound: Surveillance reports of the compounds note that the residents remain in a fluid state and are continuously on the move. For the past several years, law enforcement authorities observing the Red House, VA compound have voiced concern that this pattern may be designed to create a series of safe houses in the rural areas of southern Virginia.

While you are at it check out a little town called Randolph 30 miles south of Red House where you may find the “American Muslim College”. What is that? Who knows?

Across Route 615 and a couple of miles from the main compound on Rolling Hill Road is an establishment with a sign that identified it as a “Training Camp for Young Muslim-American Men. What is that? Who knows?

I could continue with page after page and fact after fact.
Pull up the two links below.
And…Then tell us “They’re not hurting anyone”
These are well-researched articles.

Anonymous said...

You posted a link to the Gates of Vienna website which is interesting because some of the reports don't follow up the stories that are supposed to be the "evidence" against the Muslims in Red House. Particularly the story of those arrested in Red House after 9/11 on gun charges, which I very well remember because at that time people in Charlotte County were very at unease with the Muslims in Red House and they, like right now, were in the headlines of the Charlotte Gazette. What that story on the GofV website fails to mention as did WSET and WSLS news which originally reported the story many years ago, was that the charges were dropped. Why? Because there was no evidence. They were taken into custody, questioned, and then released. But most people don't know that because no one, except the Charlotte Gazette ironically, felt the need to mention that the accusations only added up to just that: Accusations.

What really bothers me is this: This group, the Christian Action Network, isn't from Charlotte County... they're from Bedford. Bedford is over an hour away in a different county. If the United States government wants to come to Charlotte County and enforce the law then they can. The reason they haven't is because the law hasn't been broken. I believe the US Government's intelligence is much greater than the Gates of Vienna writers or the Christian Action Network's sources or Shirley outside the store in Red House. Don't you think?

The Christian Action Network scares me much more than the Muslims of Red House who don't scare me whatsoever. What CAN is doing is putting or at least trying to (their demonstration was pathetic by the way... I really loved the guy in face paint dressed up as the Statue of Liberty holding a sign in Charlotte Court House: That was classic) put my county under some statewide/nationwide microscope. The Muslims aren't hurting anyone. Actually the ones I've met are really nice people who have gotten hell from people like those in CAN ever since they moved here and that includes Charlotte County residents and particularly the young ones who went to school and were jumped in the hallways of Randolph-Henry for no other reason than besides the fact they were Muslim.

The Muslims in Red House are citizens of Charlotte County and the United States and they should have the same rights as any of us. When they break the law, let the law be enforced. Until then, let the Christian Action Network be sued on the grounds of littering when they dropped flyers from a plane over the Muslims homes in Red House a number of weeks back. How do you think some of those kids that live there felt when they woke up that morning and saw flyers scattered amongst their lawn that read, "Terrorist"?

Imagine you're a school teacher. This is hypothetical. What if you woke up one morning with flyers, hundreds and even thousands of them, reading, "Pedophile," or "Child Molester," or "Rapist" when you are none of the said above? How would you feel? That is the equivalent to how a Muslim who hasn't done anything wrong feels when someone looks at he or she and says, "Terrorist" or does what CAN did that day.

And I know where Randolph is and I doubt you do. Why don't you mention a few more places in and around my county? How about Saxe, Red Oak, Aspen, Drakes, Keysville, Bethel, and on and on and on? I doubt you or the person who wrote this article that's posted here or the Christian Action Network know a single thing about my county other than some maldistributed information you read on the Internet or saw on the news. I like how the Christian Action Network says that "they will continued because they want to educate us" as if we're some illiterate, uneducated morons.

"Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself."

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Mike S. said...

Anonymous,You should do a little bit more research on what is happening in other countries and what they are trying to accomplish here as well. You should be ashamed of yourself for turning your back on America and defending these people.We are a Christian Nation and NOT anything else.If you cannot live with that then you should move to the middle east with the rest of them.
P.S. I will help with the move if you need me to.