Saturday, February 10, 2007

Who Lost Britain?

On the heels of the last post about a Virginia town knuckling to "moderate" Muslim thugs, Mark Steyn talks about who lost Britain.

America needs to wake up!

Melanie Phillips has another poignant vignette of life in culturally insecure, fatalist Britannia : Genuinely courageous Muslims who wish to resist the imposition of the Saudi-promoted and profoundlynon-traditional niqab in British schools get no support from the municipal authorities. Meanwhile, British Muslims radicalized by the ideological enforcers of the jihad’s mosque network are arrested for plotting to capture a soldier on leave and behead him on camera. And the media respond with discussion showsfocusing on the usual suspects – Bush, Blair, the Palestinian “peace process”.

As Miss Phillips says:

Watch this respectful Sky News interview (via LGF) with the ranting Islamist Anjem Choudary and last night’s morally eviscerated Question Time on BBC TV to see how Britain is ever more eagerly stretching out its neck for the cultural knife.

The victim of the would-be decapitators was to be a loyal Muslim soldier of the Queen. The plan is to relocate him for his safety – in effect, to place him in a kind of witness protection program. Can they find room for the entire nation in there?
Are the true moderate Muslims in America afraid? Is that why they don't stand up? If so, that is equally disturbing to there not being any true moderate Muslims.

Americans of all stripes need to strengthen the spine of the moderate Muslims. We must show the understanding of the situation and have courage to stand against radicals. This action will empower the fearful and undecided.