Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Iraqis Cooperating With Troops, Tide is Turning

More Iraq good news via Gateway Pundit:

Haider Ajina comments:

Operation enforce the law is so far going better than expected and appears to continue this way. I spoke to my father in Baghdad, he said that the street is very impressed by the operation and receiving much cooperation from the people. They have done in four days what we thought would take them over a month.

Shiites love the Americans and want them stay to help the Iraqi security stand on its feet he said.

He also told me the street knows that Iran is no great friend of Iraq. Reading the PM, Al-Maliki, order the soldiers to respect the rights of the individual is still amazing to me. What large difference from just four short years ago!

I am not worried about my family from the security forces; I am only worried about them from the terrorists. Before we liberated Iraq the security forces were who worried me. This is the same sentiment my family has in Baghdad and Nejef. They now trust and look to the security forces for help. What a turn around, and all squarely due to our training of these new Iraqis and the Iraqi’s willingness to learn and serve.

There have been problems with some of the security personnel and most of those are being and have been addressed, as is evident from the PM’s directive of nondiscrimination and no favoritism. The support of the average citizen in Baghdad for this operation is nothing short of remarkable. Of course, this only comes if the citizens feel safe tipping off the Iraqi security forces. This also shows that the terrorists are loosing much of their support base in Iraq.
Haider Ajina
Old, boring cliché: Success breeds success.

(By the way, do you like the accent? I just FINALLY learned how to use them from my friend who knows some Spanish. I'm not very technologically advanced.)

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