Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Socks Berger

Blue Crab Boulevard: Tell me again why Sandy "Socks" Berger isn't in jail?

Can you imagine a Republican getting caught with classified documents in his pants? The Dems are insane about "mis-remembering". Imagine an actual crime! In the Democrat's world, though, I think it just confers on Berger street cred.

Is Berger a spy? What would happen if he wasn't actually covering Clinton's bare behind? What if it was even more nefarious than that nasty task. P.U.


MaxedOutMama said...

He isn't a spy, but I have cracked up when reading some of the huffy "How could you be so mean" replies to those who ask questions about what he actually did and why he got such a light penalty for it.

Melissa Clouthier said...


No, just a Clinton stooge. Still, he's criminally stupid and that should be enough to put him behind bars.

Anonymous said...

The Party Can Do No Wrong, Comrades.