Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spanking School Children

A big stink in Texas right now is banning the right of teachers and other officials to spank kids.

In first grade, kids spoke conspiratorially about the principal's paddle with holes in it to make it hurt worse! I never saw the paddle. I never heard of anyone on the receiving end of the paddle. But the paddle was a legend.

Of course, when I was growing up most of the kids in the neighborhood got spanked. The poor guy across the street disobeyed his dad. Ooooo, the neighborhood kids had smarting hind-ends in sympathy of his plight. Plus, he had to ride the bus for the rest of the school year--a total humiliation for a 16 year old.

We had this discussion at our house the other day with the neighbor girls. "V. gets spanked all the time. She is very bad." Her sister reported this and said her mom uses a belt. I laughed. V. is indeed a stinker and a rather spoiled youngest of five. The spankings probably do her good. I'm not sure how she'd be without them.

But to let the teachers or principals spank? I'm not so sure.... More on this later.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I did'nt even think that spanking was still an issue in school.

Spanking a child with a belt, in my opinion is horrible! I remember the first time someone beat me with a belt, I was 13 - I nearly went into shock. It was like being an animal to be hearded into a closed in corner. I had marks left on my entire body.

Spanking a child will not injure them if done correctly. Using and object is a whole other story. I feel sad for that little girl.

Melissa Clouthier said...

There are spankings and then there are spankings. There are belts and then there are belts. This child has never had a mark on her. Her mother is a fantastic person and caring and strict.

If a child was abused, I'd be on the horn to CPS, but this child is well cared for. And, by the way, I don't spank generally (my kids have been on the receiving end of a spank maybe three times in their lives) or use belts.

Spankings can help underscore a parents authority if used judiciously. They can also harden a child's heart and harm them physically and emotionally if used wrong.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this mother is a great person. She probably adhers to what scriptures teach about not sparing the rod. I'm also not suggesting that you are a by-stander to something that is not right. This is just my very personal view point because I've seen what using an object on a child can do. "Fear" is not a very good teacher.

carol said...

Back in the 50s our high school had a girls' dean and boys' dean, and the boys' dean had a paddle and used it. One of the first things my brother did in wood shop was make a similar paddle, paint his name on it and hang it on the wall in his room. It seemed to be a matter of pride. He later was expelled, joined the Navy, went to college, and turned out very well BTW.

Becky C. said...

As both a Mom and 2nd grade teacher I would like spanking back in the schools. I realize there are problems--a lot of teachers are incompetent and there are always the sick ones. But if we have to trust them to teach our kids--how much more trust is giving them a swat on the rear.

If there is spanking--it should only be done with the consent of the principal, etc. and with a witness for the child's and the teacher's protection.

The way I look on it is teachers need an ultimate punishment--even if it isn't used that often. Detention is nothing--and calling parents often meaningless.

I know that having the paddle as kind of a "nuclear weapon" does make a difference.

I was raised in all girls Catholic schools and they paddled and still do I believe. I was the recipient three times over the years. In "ordinary" schools I probably never would have been spanked--but they were a little stricter and much more inclined to use it than is probably necessary.

But, what I do know is that often I would consider doing something wrong and the thought of that paddle would flash in my mind long enough to be a brake, and give my developing sense of right and wrong to kick in.

I think a lot of us younger parents are spanking more--I hope this common sense eventually extends back to the schools.


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