Friday, March 16, 2007

Captain Ed Joins New Media & Get's Paid, Too!

One of my most favorite opinionators on the web is Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters. He always has thoughtful, intelligent takes on the issues. Like most of us bloggers, his full-time profession was (and I didn't know this until today) something else--he supported his blogging habit by managing a call center.

Today, he announces that he will actually start getting paid to develop a new medium: Blog Talk Radio. This is great news for Captain Ed and for the rest of the blogosphere. As time goes on, more and more bloggers will (hopefully) parlay their dedication and hard work into real jobs that relate to their real love: blogging and the new media.

For more on Blog Talk Radio, go listen to another of my favorite bloggers: Fausta. She is fantastic (thanks Anchoress for getting me hooked) and is doing radio interviews. As an aside, there is a picture of her at the interview link and she looks exactly how I pictured her. Isn't it weird when that happens? I have a picture in my head of The Anchoress and Maxed Out Mama and a few other anonymous bloggers, too. I suspect most of them look nothing like the picture
in my brain, then along comes Fausta!

Oh, and I just found this. Captain Ed looks absolutely nothing like I pictured. Go figure!

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