Friday, March 16, 2007

"Forced" Ultrasound For Abortion Seekers

Doesn't that sound so abusive just on the face of it? When you consider that one less fetus might not be sucked into a million pieces or poisoned to death, it suddenly seems like a small price to pay since the fetus was conceived by one man's sperm and one woman's egg and a sex act--a conscious act--and he gets no say in the matter of whether or not he is born. Shouldn't a woman have to consciously and with full knowledge end the consequences of her conscious act?

Americans hate the government forcing anyone to do anything. That must be why Fox uses the word "force". It sounds so aggressive.

You know, the proponents of ignorant abortions seem to believe there are no long-term consequences of unconscious abortions. Many women I know would have chosen differently if they had slowed down and given the decision some thought. They would have been imbued with courage, encouraged, to have the tough conversations, make the needed life adjustments, had they seen the baby and been offered support. An unplanned pregnancy can be very scary and it can be a big blessing with a little help.

But Planned Parenthood isn't so much about planning for parenthood as it is about avoiding consequences. Too many women are victimized by the abortion process and pay by living with the grief for life.

Critics consider the proposal a tool to intimidate women who already have made an agonizing decision.
Why should a decision that isn't morally wrong be agonizing? And why would seeing the fetus change a woman's mind? If it's just tissue, and all.... Either abortion is no big deal, no long-term consequences, not a moral issue or it is all of these and more. The pro-abortion types should have no fear for a measly little ultrasound since they are for choice. A truly informed woman can make a much better choice, right?

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Anonymous said...

If they had used a 4D ultrasound prior to proceeding with the Boston woman who gave birth after a failed abortion.
They might have detected that she was carrying "twins".

Besides this I can see other benefits to making the process standard proceedure....some pending complications might be detected before they start making the proceedure safer.