Sunday, March 18, 2007

Iraq: Imaginary Civil War

In the imaginary world where unicorns slide down rainbows into clouds as soft as fluffy, long-haired cats ("I would love a coat made of cats, Mama," my daughter said after petting the neighbor's sweet, white silky-soft cat yesterday. I don't own a fur coat and obviously have n0t inculcated her in the ways of political correctness enough.), anyway, in that imaginary world of unicorns, rainbows and cat coats, Iraq is in a civil war. Yes, indeed. And to not believe is to be a civil war denier and how lame are you then? Pretty damn lame.

The Iraqis on the other hand, living in the land of sand, bullets, bombs and very big bugs (or so I hear--maybe they exist only in the imaginary world, too), don't believe they live in a civil war. In fact, now life is better than it was under Saddam. They are such simpletons, those Iraqis. How do they have the nerve to be happier when they don't live in a world of unicorns and cat coats?

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