Sunday, March 18, 2007

Valerie Plame: More of the Same Silly Dame Playing at the Spy Game

(Just giving this annoying subject the annoying title it deserves.) Oh, I tire of this woman. Her weird, plastic-surgery altered face (changing looks because her super-secret 007 cover was blown, no doubt), huge teeth, and easy lies (good for the CIA) fill me with antipathy. Here's what I said almost a year ago:

These two people seem to be the Ultimate Washington Insiders. Living large on the common man's tax dollars. Jet-setting and hob-knobbing with all the Media elites. Taking little trips with important sounding objectives like kids playing cops and robbers with the world as their backyard.

Cunning and devious. Superficial and polished. They use their wiliness for personal gain. If America gains, too, that's nice, but hardly necessary. If the part of America they deem worthy gains, that's what matters.
I believe it more now. What vacuous, silly people. I shudder to think Joe Wilson would represent the U.S.'s interests anywhere and that super-sleuth Valerie Plame would spy on anything or anyone important.

Jeff Goldstein sums up the case this way:
A few things to take away, for those of you too lazy to click over: 1) Plame refers to herself as “covert,” though she admits she doesn’t know her own legal status—remarkable three years on, particularly when viewed in the context of a self-styled victim who, by way of her outraged husband, certainly claimed to know her status at one time, if only by implication. Else how to explain the charges that she was a covert agent “outed” by a vindictive Administration a putative ally in the State Department looking to punish her husband for his brave whistleblowing attention seeking and completely misleading NYT op-ed?
Jeff has more good links if you're at all remotely interested--which I know you're not, because the case is the most transparent political game playing disguised as "important news" since the continued outings of gay Republicans. What would Washington and the media do if they didn't have these little quibbles to chase their collective tail over? Heaven forbid, they actually cover some news.*

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