Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's A Conspiracy

In my family we have a joke: the world is a speed trap baited just for you! My working theory about people convinced the world is going to get them is this: suspicious people are actually guilty themselves and deserve to be caught--they're just not caught......yet.

John Hawkins of Conservative Grapevine links to this, "Oddly Unpleasant", one and I'm still laughing:

This is the great frustration with being conservative-minded. You would just as soon that politics not be brought into every single discussion, that it be possible to discuss literature, science, music, or rebate coupons without having to react to some tediously stupid received liberal wisdom. I realize this is a gross generalization, but it happens to be true: a liberal can never hold it until he gets home, he must at some point whiz all over his slacks the knowledge that he didn't vote for Bush, sees capitalist conspiracies everywhere, and believes he is living in a police state rivaling the Stasi.
So what darkness lurks in liberal hearts? Fascist fetish fantasies? Domination desires? Rifling through the neighbor's garbage and listening in on? What? It's a scary world out there for normal people. These are indeed frightening times for those given to conspiracies.

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Anonymous said...

You know the real reason "those given to conspiracies" are so bitter?

They are the only person in the entire world who ISN'T part of The Vast Conspiracy.

(Take a listen of Bob Dylans "Talking John Birch Society Blues" sometime. Especially the ending...)