Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh, That Duke Rape Anniversary

Haven't heard much about the Duke (non) Rape case have you? And you most certainly haven't heard about this one, either.

It has been one year since the Duke "hoax" now "frame" occurred. Here's a reminder of the last year by Joan Foster of LieStoppers.

It's been one long, long year. Yet the persecution continues. Justice is still denied in North Carolina. Never forget what these boys, these families have endured. Always remember who was responsible. Never forget the lessons or the painful legacy of the hoax. Let's find something in this tragedy to make our own communities better, our press more accountable, our justice system less susceptible to abuse. Remember the blind ignorance of of bias directed at Collin , Reade, and Dave. Let's reject it in any form in honor of what they've suffered...
Three families still have their lives on hold. They await justice. Why isn't this case over yet?

With each day that passes the new prosecutor leads me to believe:
  1. This case will go to trial for political reasons.
  2. The prosecutor is afraid to dismiss the case.
  3. A prosecutor this slow is stupid no matter what happens.
Mamas don't let your babies go to Duke--especially if they're white males.

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