Monday, April 02, 2007

A Democrat's Sensibilities

The Left in America, what with the conspiracy theories about fifteen British sailors being a vast sophisticated Bush plot to engage America and Britain in another losing war over "nothing" seem intent on raising the bar to where there is never any reason ever for war. Do Iran's actions even offend a Democrat's sensibiliites or is it fine to kidnap soldiers at will?

And then Nancy Pelosi visits an enemy state and sups with a murderous dictator intent on destabilizing a fragile, hopeful Democracy in Lebanon. That's okay, too.

And Russ Feingold says it's time to defund the war in Iraq, just when things look like they'll turn around. And that's okay, too, because he knows a way to do it that won't hurt the troops. Sure, he does, because he's a super-special Senator with a secret magic ring that will turn cowardice into conquering heroism. In fact, that magic is used every day in Congress--why won't it work with soldiers?

The Democrats act as though America has no external threats, this game-playing about Iraq, this minimizing Iran, this entreating Syria, this aggression towards President Bush is rational. Do they really believe that in 2008, America will be nirvana, utopia, peace on earth just because Bush is out of office? Will they focus their animus on the new leader of the free world as they have with Bush? Captain Ed points to Jonathan Weisman's WaPo piece titled: Democrats to Widen Conflict with Bush.

Yes, Bush is the enemy and the world would be safe save for him.

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Anonymous said...

See how Allah prepares the Infidel for slaughter and pillage?

The epitaph of America & The West:
"More Bread! More Circuses!
More Bread! More Circuses"
(scimitar goes SLICE!)