Sunday, April 22, 2007

I've Always Wanted A Butler

Of all the inventions of civilization, a butler seems to be one of the best. Imagine: a person to remind one of where she need to be, who she needs to contact, what would be appropriate to wear, what the meal should consist of, who gets thank you notes, greets the door, and generally manages one's life, and if one has kids named Buffy and Jody, nannies the children, too.

I want a butler. I need a butler.

Alas, Mr. French is not in the budget. However, this little invention just might be--with Mother's Day coming up. Even though the narrower bag looks better, I need something stylish to carry my laptop and/or books in. Opinions?

Men, I really think you could hit a homerun on Mother's Day with this bag. It's unique. It's affordable. It's beautiful. It's functional. She'll love it.