Monday, April 09, 2007

Leftist Women--UPDATED

I'm tired of politics, so haven't blogged. Well that and my family was in town and I wanted to reorganize and got partway there.

Here's just one way I'm tired of politics: I'm tired of Leftist bigots who feel free and are in fact supported, in venting their paranoid venom. Elizabeth Edwards is jonesin' to be the first, or is it another, Leftist bigot first lady. Was Hillary the first? Do you get the sense that Hillary despises the little people, too? What is it with these ladies? Their husbands do a better job at concealing their contempt for the common man, but the wives just can't fake it as well. Theresa Heinz-Kerry, too. It's personal with them. The people who Just Don't Get It and thwart the will of the omniscient few, ruin everything! Oh, and there is only one sin: To disagree with their point of view. And because everyone who disagrees with them must be stupid, it's okay to disparagge and mock them as Elizabeth Edwards demonstrates as she publicly runs down a neighbor she's never met but who, unfortunately, is a Repubican. Idiot.

This contempt comingled with entitlement makes for a bitter witches brew. Time quotes Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on her trip to Syria:

"What others were saying and doing was many miles away, in a different time zone and had no impact on our trip except to call more attention to it," Pelosi said.
Of course what citizens in American time zones think makes no difference to Nancy Pelosi, the Third Most Important Person In America, and the Most Important Woman in the World. She is the all-knowing Grandma. She gads about, mucking with foreign policy--she's going to correct Georgie, the President Who Needs A Good Spanking. She is naive and silly and willingly used by bad men to serve as propoganda for a terrorist sponsor-state and hopefully, weaken her own state. (Just long enough to get a Democrat elected.)

Ms. Clinton, Ms. Edwards and Ms. Pelosi seem intent on proving every cliché true. Women are emotional. They're vindictive. They're petty. They're naive. They're inept in power. They're conniving.

These professional women act like novices in the public arena, confirming every stereotype along the way. Why can't just one of these women have the intelligence, wit, and stateswomanship of Margaret Thatcher? Well, I do think the ideology and philosophy behind the words and actions make the man and woman, and that's the problem.

UPDATE: Betsy Newmark says this:
I thought the Edwards were supposed to be worried about the two Americas. But it seems they don't like that other America when it impinges on their own mansion. Here's this guy whose family has had this property for 80 years or more and now he can't afford the taxes to keep his family property. I'm sure the Edwards will be happy to know that they'll be losing their "slummy" neighbor when some rich guy snaps up the property. Then they won't have to worry about having to look at someone from the "other America" living next door.
Make sure and read the comments section. Either Elizabeth Edwards herself or a staffer shows up to defend her actions.