Monday, April 09, 2007

April 9 in Pictures

This is NOT my house.

' pavers are holding up my pool. Okay, I'm holding up my pool because I can't decide what kind of pavers to put around the perfect coping that I don't want messed up with ugliness. We drove in neighborhoods looking hither and thither at pavers and pea gravel.

And to totally annoy my pool guy, we picked the one he recommended two weeks ago. I hope he keeps his Tums with him.

Do you like the pavers here? I'm insecure about pavers.

Park time over NOW! My mouth hurts from biting my lip, my head hurts from getting my molars, I have a slight fever, I'm tired and I'm hungry. OKAY?????

And I love my orange and teal jammies, they're comfy and stylish!

A coy cardinal at the park.

This is what happens during unsupervised bath time.

The last flower in the bunch refused to bloom, but isn't it beautiful this way?

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Freudian Slip said...

I love the bathtime picture! Sure looks like fun :)