Sunday, July 29, 2007

Finding Justice in America

Ever since high school, I noticed the justice system was more than a little out of whack. The kids without hall passes on their way to blow their nose would get detention, while the hardened criminal drug dealers who were finishing their senior year at age 25, were given a wide berth. The teachers didn't want those guys in detention or in-school suspension. They were scary.

There is a tendency in the justice system to terrify and ruin the guys and girls without hall passes and avoid the real trouble. Mark Steyn gives some recommendations for fixing the system.

To me, the biggest solution: get rid of plea bargains. They are like antibiotic overuse. The bugs become resistant and the system gets overrun. Our justice system is sick. It could use a hygienic make-over.

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Anonymous said...

And the lesson is not lost on high school kids: BE the "Hardened Criminal Drug Dealer finishing your senior year at age 25". When even the grownups are scared of you, you're in control.

Ash Nazg Durbatuluk...