Sunday, July 29, 2007

What's So Bad About Communism?

What's so bad about communism asks a John Hawkin's reader? Johns answer:

Communism is a system that forces human beings to behave in a method that runs contrary to human nature and as such, is always destined to fail, impoverish the people living under it, and crush the human spirit. Communism is all about forcing people to work for the state, stealing the fruit of their labor, and giving faceless bureaucrats unlimited power and control over every aspect of the human existence.

My short answer: Your lazy brother-in-law makes as much money as you do and then reports you to the collective if you don't keep up the hard work and enthusiasm that keeps his lazy ass in the crappy manner he's accustomed.

Communism comes into vogue because a fundamental flaw in the economic system frustrates the people (oligarchies, rampant poverty and corruption, no middle class, no rule of law) and the underclass believe that "evening the playing field" would save them their despair. The citizens of Venezuela and many countries before them quickly learn that they get more than they bargained for: oppression, loss of property rights, loss of any rights.

The Left likes communism for many reasons:
  1. They believe everyone is stupid and could use their intelligent guidance
  2. They believe life isn't fair and want to make it fair
  3. They deny their own human nature and urge to dominate, and communism fulfills authoritarian fantasies.
The same rich celebrities who blithely wear Ché shirts, are the same people living in 20,000 s.f mansions and demanding that you and I wipe our butt with one piece of toilet paper. In a communistic society, they'd actually get to enforce their pet ideologies on everyone while living their hypocritical, privileged life--if they didn't tangle with the collective first and end up before a firing squad. Who would the poor and their reps go after first? I'd say the toilet paper police would be the ones meeting the business end of a military device, first, much to their shock and dismay. But in the Left's never ending stupidity, they think they would be immune from the rules because they already follow all the really important ones. Their denial makes them dangerous.

And watch out for "socialism". It's just another version of the same failed ideology.