Friday, July 06, 2007

Republicans Abandon Bush To Their Peril

My brother brought up a good point on the Republicans abandoning Bush. He feels that Bush, like Clinton before him, may have low approval ratings, but that the base's attachment to him is strong.

Al Gore distanced himself from Clinton. Would he have been president had he embraced him? I don't know, but distancing himself from policies he supported made him look disloyal. That too, will happen with the Republicans up for reelection who try to pull a Hillary Clinton and disavow their own decisions.

Republicans wanting a quick and dirty way to distance themselves from President Bush may think that abandoning the troops in Iraq is the solution. That will be a mistake.

I have an idea: How about putting forth legislation that secures the border? That would actually help the country, it's what America wants and it would help restore confidence in a ruling class that seems intent on protecting themselves.

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