Thursday, August 16, 2007

Big Brother In The Sky

Are you worried about the government using satellites to spy on American citizens? This part sounds OK:

Administration officials say the program will give domestic security and emergency preparedness agencies new capabilities in dealing with a range of threats, from illegal immigration and terrorism to hurricanes and forest fires.
I could see the border patrol being able to access this information to stop the flow of terrorists. But like everything with the government, there is always mission creep.

What do you think?

Should the U.S. use satellite imagery in criminal investigations of American citizens?
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kal said...
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kal said...

I believe this could prove quite useful - but only with true checks and balances.

Dr. Steve said...

On one hand I feel that if you have not done anything wrong you should have nothing to hide, however it seems that there needs to be some place in life for safety and privacy away from the eyes of onlookers and people who might use information against you.