Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Depressed Mid-Life Men--UPDATED

Why are these men depressed? Here's the theories:

  • Kids
  • Expenses
  • Paunch
  • Wife's saddlebags
  • "Boring" life
  • Career plateau
Why are men ages 35-45 the un-happiest people in the world?

UPDATE: Dr. Helen thinks this is why men are depressed:
I wonder if the stress of often being the primary bread winner and putting more time into child rearing than their fathers ever did are causes for some of this unhappiness? Try doing all of this while being dissed in the process and told that you are the cause of the world's problems. No wonder men of this age feel down.
But her husband seems to be doing all of this and by his own admission, he's happy.

Maybe the question should be, "What are the happy guys doing that the unhappy ones aren't?" I'm far more interested in positive psychology than what makes people miserable. We need to know what the happy people are doing.

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