Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Evil Or Useful Idiot?--UPDATED & Bumped

It is amazing what lengths people will go to feel special, to feel "in" and to feel smarter than others. There is a profile and John Kerry and Scott Beauchamp fit it: Lazy, arrogant, persecution complex, feeling unappreciated, desire for fame and fortune and willing to do anything, sell anyone to achieve it. Sure they have a belief system but that is secondary to the desire to belong and feel better than average. They are extreme examples to be sure. Look how easy The New Republic bought the lines--they wanted to...they are the definition of Useful Idiots.

But what of the narcissistic poseurs themselves? Are they Useful Idiots? I say no. These people are calculating, intelligent and ambitious. They use their gifts to serve themselves above their friends, their family, their country. They lie. They smear with the ease other people tell the truth. They are evil.

I know what I'm saying. It's strong. It's alarming in its implications, but consider this, and I'm heavily quoting from Gateway Pundit:

Today in the Opinion Journal, former KGB intelligence officer Ion Mihai Pacepa explained the propaganda tactics of the communists during the Cold War.
Here is a bit of what Pacepa had to say about the Soviet's propaganda campaign in the West:

During the Vietnam War we spread vitriolic stories around the world, pretending that America's presidents sent Genghis Khan-style barbarian soldiers to Vietnam who raped at random, taped electrical wires to human genitals, cut off limbs, blew up bodies and razed entire villages. Those weren't facts. They were our tales, but some seven million Americans ended up being convinced their own president, not communism, was the enemy. As Yuri Andropov, who conceived this dezinformatsiya war against the U.S., used to tell me, people are more willing to believe smut than holiness.
Does that remind you of anyone?
Here are the words of future democratic Senator John F. Kerry in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on April 22, 1971:

They told the stories at times they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam...
John F. Kerry- Useful Idiot.

John F. Kerry is useful, but he's no idiot. He's evil. Most people don't fall into this category. Oh, they'll talk a big game in their social circles, but if push came to shove, they'd back up their friend, their family, their country. Still, far too many these days are willing to believe smut against their own country and purify the enemy. That is dangerous ground. They refuse to see their usefulness.

I made the connection between Beauchamp and John Kerry:
You knew there would be a John Kerry coming out of this War, didn't you? I mean, it's inevitable. Never mind that the army these days is 100% volunteer. Never mind that soldiers are re-upping and re-upping to serve in Iraq; to get the job done. There had to be at least one of these guys. [I was referring to Scott Beauchamp. -ed.]

This war, like all conflicts, will produce not only a plethora of Useful Idiots (being a contrarian and hiding your fear under faux-sophistication makes you sound so cool in the Beltway--it's called conventional wisdom) but also worse. There will be out and out double agents betraying America. And there will be subtler snakes, but snakes still, who use their experiences (or pretend ones--as with Kerry and Beauchamp) as a platform to destroy what better men and women have built.

And these destroyers destroy for the basest of reasons: their own egos. No, not Useful Idiots. Evil.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin lists many more false testimonies given by evil people banking on the usefulness of the Western media:
Winter Soldier Syndrome will only be cured when the costs of slandering the troops outweigh the benefits. Exposing Scott Thomas Beauchamp and his brethren matters because the truth matters. The honor of the military matters. The credibility of the media matters.
Jimmy Massey, Jesse MacBeth, Micah Wright, Josh Lansdale, Amorita Randall, and the big one--John Kerry.


Jim C. said...

The more I read from the right, the more I realize that the following is true: the only veterans, in your eyes, worthy of honor for their service are those that agree with you politically. Any soldier, active or inactive, who takes a position against the current administration's Iraq disaster immediately has their courage, patriotism, and motives questioned. Meanwhile, you applaud and honor the leaders of your cabal who sidestepped the opportunities to serve in various wars for which they've voiced support.

Cowards. Every one of them.

Melissa Clouthier said...

jim c,

I couldn't disagree with your assessment more.

If you notice the milbloggers in the right column, you'll read all sorts of criticism, disappointment, and frustration. I've been critical of different war decisions here. Often.

I will never abide bold faced liars, though. The Left doesn't seem to understand that their uncritical support of liars undermines what could be valid arguments. Find someone telling the truth, you'll find a better reception.

As for the "cowards" comment: Unless you served in the Iraq war or some other war vet, by your own criteria, you are not allowed an opinion either. Please. Will the chickhawk argument never die?

Anonymous said...

Did you know Kerry Served in Vietnam (TM)?

Just like Al Bundy in Married With Children Was A Football Star in High School (Once He Scored Three Touchdowns in One Game).

One "real", one fictional. Both failures reliving long-ago glory days. J.F.Kerry & Al Bundy -- separated at birth?