Sunday, August 12, 2007

Female Circumcision Causes Girls Death

This disgusting practice boggles the imagination. These statistics are even more alarming:

A 2003 survey by UNICEF said that 97 percent of married women in Egypt have undergone genital mutilation. A recent study by Egypt's Ministry of Health and Population found that only half of all girls between the age of 10-18 years have been circumcised.
Imagine. And don't you guys who equate male circumcision to female genital mutilation start writing weird comments. These two procedures are in no significant way the same.


Anonymous said...

This story is horrific at best. Even saying that "only" half of all girls between age 10-18 have been circumcised is barbaric.

Why, oh why, do men think they know God's plans better than He does? There is a reason He made us the way He did. So much harm is done in the name of virtue, purity and God. It makes me so sad.

Anonymous said...

This is a tragic story. Even more sad is the fact that you a (Doctor?) turn a basic human rights issue into a gender issue. A simple google search for infant male circumcision death shows how many male infants die or are harmed in westernized hospitals and undeveloped regions. But the main stream media doesn't seem to cover this. Selfish American mothers who want to make some kind of genital fashion statement spend more time deciding their next style at the salon then they do on researching the facts about their own childs well being. Girls and BOYS should have the right to remain intact, there is enough medical research to prove this.

Anonymous said...

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