Monday, August 20, 2007

Miners Being Left

I haven't posted about this topic. It's too awful for words. And now, it looks like the six miners will be left there:

Mine officials had sustained hope for two weeks that the miners would be brought out alive, even after three rescuers were killed and six more hurt in another "bump" inside the mountain.

Family members of the six miners trapped in the initial Aug. 6 collapse accused the mine's owners and federal officials of abandoning their loved ones.

Lives have been lost in the rescue effort. It seems like a needle in the haystack kind of job. And yet, my instinct is to say keep looking. I suppose I'm imagining these men having enough air and water to survive and dying from starvation not being crushed. I don't know the odds of either possibility.

I would hate to be the person making this excruciating decision.

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