Friday, August 17, 2007

Poor Mr. Puh-DEE-yuh

Well, it's been a media-palooza (remember, it's not just Beauchamp) recently. Once again, it's the New York Times playing the bias game and this time, Ann Althouse catches them:

Do people even click to see what's on page 2?
James Cohen, a law professor at Fordham University, said the fact that the Qaeda training camp form had six of Mr. Padilla’s fingerprints was “overwhelmingly powerful” and had very likely swayed the jurors.

Swayed? How about convinced? Do the citizens who served on the jury in a 3-month trial deserve the dispargement implicit in the word "swayed"? (Dictionary definition of sway: "To divert; deflect... To exert influence on or control over.") And, again, why the paraphrase? I take it Professor Cohen did not say "swayed."
I am just so fed up with this ridiculousness--not the bias-catching. The unabashed, clear bias.

I don't think journalists even attempt to report just the facts anymore.

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