Friday, January 18, 2008


Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis in search of disease. It is descriptive of symptoms that vary from person to person. Doctors who even acknowledge the existence of fibromyalgia give the diagnosis as a last resort. To me, the diagnosis just means that the cause of the problems haven't been found.

Now a new drug to treat this ailment has been approved by the FDA. But to treat what? This is the heart of the controversy:

For patient advocacy groups and doctors who specialize in fibromyalgia, the Lyrica approval is a milestone. They say they hope Lyrica and two other drugs that may be approved this year will legitimize fibromyalgia, just as Prozac brought depression into the mainstream.

But other doctors — including the one who wrote the 1990 paper that defined fibromyalgia but who has since changed his mind — say that the disease does not exist and that Lyrica and the other drugs will be taken by millions of people who do not need them.

In some respects, the argument doesn't matter. The pain and symptoms are real enough. The question is what to do to help the patients. Often diet, exercise, and righting sleep problems can cure the problem. One of my first patients had "fibromyalgia". The cause was two-fold, but it took months of hunting to find the problems. First, she had banned pesticides from the 70s that had been seeping into their house. They removed that. Second, her husband snored something fierce and she hadn't slept for more than two hours in a row for over fifteen years. The latter problem was not something either of us thought of right from the beginning, but actually sleeping did more to reverse her symptoms than anything.

Here's my fibromyalgia protocol:
  1. No naps.
  2. No caffeine.
  3. Set bed time.
  4. Set bed time ritual.
  5. Set wake-up time.
  6. Light aerobic exercise for no more than 15 minutes around 3-4 p.m. (no later)
  7. Lots of water.
  8. Fresh diet: fruits, veggies, meat, light on carbs.
  9. Testing for food allergies.
  10. Testing for sub-clinical virus/bacteria infection.
  11. Support the immune system.
  12. Support other weak systems (right the hormones, if that's a problem).
There is no one treatment plan for fibromyalgia. There is no magic treatment plan. Often, the woman's health has deteriorated over decades. She has either been malnourished or had a virus she never recovered from or some other chronic stressor has chipped away at her health. Building back the body, and then psychologically getting congruent with the healing is often a long-term proposition.

With fibromyalgia, the woman has often felt crummy for years and years and just can't imagine not feeling bad. She doesn't remember what healthy felt like. She spends her days feeling the pain and that exacerbates the pain and further sensitizes her to it. It's a vicious cycle. She has also been dismissed by a multitude of doctors. She may end up in pain management. She may end up in the psychiatrist's office. And, she might need both, but she feels that her history and story haven't been honored.

With many fibromyalgia sufferers, there is often an underlying event that precipitates the episode. It takes some detective work to get to it. Sometimes the "cause" is never found but with enough lifestyle changes, the syndrome can be managed. Anecdotally, I've found that many fibromyalgia sufferers have suffered childhood traumas such as abuse, sexual abuse or something similar. This is not so strange. One of the history questions for Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis is whether the child has an alcoholic parent. Very often, he or she does. I have yet to work with a fibromyalgia patient who doesn't have an emotional component to the syndrome.

These ladies, and some men, need encouragement and support. They are, without fail, sensitive souls who I believe "absorb" the pain around them. Helping them to create boundaries both in their relationships and for their own psychological safety is paramount to future health. It is a frustrating disease and the people who endure the pain experience real suffering.

So, while I believe that fibromyalgia is a bogus diagnosis and shouldn't be masked with some new drug sure to score pharmaceutical companies money, I believe that these patients should be taken seriously. Something is wrong. That something needs to be found. And in these days of managed care, rushed appointments and overtaxed doctors, patients are often dismissed as crazy. It's just easier than admitting that the doctor is baffled.


repsales said...

As someone who was (I believe) mis-diagnosed with fibromyalgia five years ago, it is the diagnosis of choice of doctors who have patients who say "I feel terrible". If the symptoms persist long-term, they use a bogus (my belief) 17 point test and then pronounce you as having "fibromyalgia".

Remember the "Yuppie Flu" of the 70's and 80's? Haven't heard the term lately have you? That because a doctor in about 1990 decided he needed a more medical sounding name to label the condition in a paper he was about to present to an AMA meeting. the term "fibromyalgia" fit the clinical symptoms and conditions thus a new illness was born. "The Yuppie Flu" became fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia cannot be seen in a microscope nor does any biological test exist for it. A doctor asks if you hurt in at least 12 of 17 places (joints mostly) then says you have fibromyalgia. Well, anyone who feels terrible "all over" is likely to hurt in many places including at least 12 of those 17.

Doctors love the diagnosis as they can tell their patient "there is no cure and no real treatment. You can only try to treat symptoms". They say "join a local fibromyalgia support group". This clears their waiting room of the chronic sufferers of which the doctors have no answers plus they get to mark down that they DID diagnose a person's illness!

In almost every case if the patient does not accept this slow death sentence, they keep looking and eventually find what is actually affecting their autoimmune system. Most often it is Lyme. But also everything from various strains of herpes to MS to leukemia to AIDS.

Doctors who diagnose such illnesses are hard to find. Personally, I don't believe "fibromyalgia" exists. It is a word given to literally hundreds of difficult to diagnose illnesses. But it's a favored diagnosis for a doctor because no other doctor can prove them wrong and the patient stops coming in every month with the same complaint!

Most doctors, in fact, do not want to tell you "it's in your head" or say "I have no idea". Although they may refer you to a specialist who will say you have fibromyalgia. Most ISD's (immune system disorders) can be tested for. But it takes a very special doctor to know which tests and which possible illnesses to test for. Even with that, both the tests and the treatments are very controversial. Mostly because of money. An aggressive treatment of Lyme can cost over $50,000 and involve many months of continuous use of antibiotics. That alone has resulted in dozens of doctors losing their licenses to practice (for "over prescribing" antibiotics but it's really the money to the insurance companies).

ISD's is the next pandemic and, unlike AIDS, is not life style dependent. It can affect anyone. It is being swept under the rug as long as possible.

Now that president Bush has Lyme disease, perhaps truth and common sense will take over instead of politics and doctors, government agencies and insurance companies each with their own agendas unilaterally setting the standards. But maybe not. He was "treated" and quickly pronounced as being "completely cured". That does not happen with Lyme. He will have it for life. Just like with AIDS, it will be recognized only when millions have the illness and medical science has to pay attention.

Lyrica was first marketed as an anti-depressant but sales were low. Doctors reported patients who also suffered from diabetic pain were receiving much pain relief. So much so that the manufacturer resubmitted Lyrica for approval as a pain medication. They requested approval for all types of nerve pain including "fibromyalgia".

Lyrica does work but read about it on many Web sites. Not just the manufacturer's. It can be very addictive and does have side effects. If your immune system is already compromised, the side effects can be significant. For most, Lyrica becomes a life-long drug. Getting off of it is most difficult. Quitting smoking times ten as an example.

The entire medical field of immune system orders is still in the stone age of medicine. There are thousands of factors that interact. It is so complex that few doctors venture into the field. There's a good possibility that, with a few hours of reading on the Internet, you will know more than most doctors do about ISD's. Lyrica is a serious drug. It is not "take two aspirin". The same with other drugs prescribed for ISD's. It apparently does help with some people although I was unable to tolerate more than two days of side-effects. Whatever you take or do, read for HOURS.

You must become your own "patient's advocate". Doctors have thousands of illnesses to diagnose and treat for many medical problems. ISD's are WAY down the list. Read Web sites such as and many others. Learn from the experiences of others. Do not depend solely on your doctor. Nor what you read on just a few Web sites. Read, read, read.

Anonymous said...

Remember the trendy bogus diagnosis of the Victorian Era?

"Hysteria (TM)" -- whose cure-all treatment was Hysterectomy.

Anonymous said...

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gyantis said...

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christopher said...

I am a mother living with Fibromyalgia and its very rough. I appreciate you taking the time to write this. You can find my full story here Symptoms of Fibro goodluck everyone!