Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eliot Spitzer, Democrats & Dumb Criminals--UPDATED

So a big, powerful, pompous, vindictive DEMOCRAT politician transfers money to pay his high-priced whore. Big whup, right? Oh wait, hold on a minute. Did you say that the politician was a Democrat? In fact, did you say that this hypocritical rat bastard put the squeeze on anyone, namely business people paying the fat taxes that pay his bills, he could get his prosecutorial vice grip on? Is that what you say? Well, even smarty-pants lawyers think they're above the law, I guess, and makes them dumb like every other criminal:

He must have been withdrawing cash and depositing cash to some account. The charge of structuring comes about when someone is deliberately moving chunks of money under the trigger points for automatic reporting. The assumption is that when you try to evade reporting you are hiding something. So his bank correctly filed a SAR; not to have done so would have been an offense on their part.

Don't ever think your bank records are private, because they aren't. Not in any way. If any law enforcement official wants to find info on you they can file ONE request and get every bank to look up and report your dealings with them over years. They get the info, and then they get the subpoenas.
So, not only did he pay for a hooker, he paid for a high priced hooker, and he sent money around that made it look like he was paying someone off. Criminals are stooooooopid. Fausta says this:
Mind you, Spitzer prosecuted enough prostitution rings to KNOW that would be the sure way to get found out:
Spitzer, who made his name by bringing high-profile cases against many of New York's financial giants, is likely to be prosecuted under a relatively obscure statute called "structuring," according to a Justice Department official.

Structuring involves creating a series of financial movements designed to obscure the true purpose of the payments.

Prosecutors reportedly have a series of e-mails and wiretapped phone conversations of Spitzer.

In a interview two years ago, Spitzer, then-attorney general, told ABC News he had some advice for people who break the law. "Never talk when you can nod, and never nod when you can wink, and never write an e-mail because it's death. You're giving prosecutors all the evidence we need," he said.
He winked, he nodded, he email.
Ha! So, he's an arrogant criminal. Is there any other kind? Don Surber notes the self-love:

Spitzer apologizes to himself. Amazing.

The statement by Eliot Spitzer after being caught with a hooker was more Napoleonic than anything Napoleon could have come up with:

“I have disappointed and failed to live up to the standard I expected of myself. I must now dedicate some time to regain the trust of my family.”

Summary: “I have disappointed … myself.”

Mrs. Spitzer stood tall next to him, looking like Jennifer Aniston and feeling like hell. Harvard lawyer. Mother of 3 girls. How could he do that to her?


It’s all about him.

Oh yes, it is ALL about him. Spitzer lives up to The Anchoress's expectations: He's a punk. He's a punk criminal who happens to be Governor of New York.

Will he resign? I predict: NO. Gateway Pundit says he'll stay, too and runs through the list of other criminal Democrats still chugging along. He's an arrogant asshole Democrat. They don't resign. They wear their criminal street cred like a badge of honor. They are never prosecuted, they are persecuted by a conspiracy of right-wingers just waiting for them--you know the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Probably the best thing, the just thing that will come out of all this, is the skanky ho will end up in prison....or resigning. It's only right. Iowahawk, my blog affair (we've never met, except in my dreams) has the dirt:

The embattled prostitute did not mention Spitzer by name, and stopped short of offering an official resignation. But longtime sex industry insiders say that it will be difficult for Kristen to return to her post in light of mounting federal wiretap evidence that she had sexually serviced the Governor on at least two occasions.

"It will be hard for her to spin her way out of this," said Destinee Rizzo, editor of the trade journal Executive Concubine."After taking on clients like that, her days as a five diamond, high-roller suite call girl are over. Frankly, with all the press coverage she'll be lucky to get a job as a $5 truck stop lot lizard in Kentucky."

"The big problem now is to keep this incident from threatening the whole expensive whore industry," added Rizzo.

The revelation brought an immediate and angry reaction from Greymont Preston IV, spokesman for the powerful consumer watchdog group Profligate Wastrels United. "For that kind of money, there's an expectation that these girls have been with Snoop Dogg or Charlie Sheen," said Preston. "But please -- Eliot Spitzer? When our members are spending five thousand dollars to snort cocaine off an ass, they want to know that ass has some standards."

So, at least the world will be cleaned up of the filthy filth. Phew. What a relief. This thing could have been a whole lot worse. Poor Elliot. Poor, poor Elliot.


New reports this morning, Wednesday, that Spitzer will indeed step down.


Anonymous said...

I live in the lovely state of NY---what is bugging me is so many people are calling the local news stations in SUPPORT of this jerkoff. Saying he shouldn't have to resign---sex doesn't play a part in running the state. What about committing a CRIME? Last I checked, paying for sex get's you arrested. Why isn't he sitting in jail getting re-aquainted with the slimeballs he put in there while Att.General??

I loved having to answer my 7th graders question, "Mom, shouldn't he be in jail?". Yes dear, and by the way, oral sex is sex no matter what our ex-president says.

Good grief!!!


blahga the hutt said...


Although I'm new to commenting on this blog, I've actually read a considerable amount of your postings here.
I'm from NYS and I would agree with the previous poster. The amount of support from NY liberals (or liberals in general) has been considerable. Most wave this away by stating that he's supported "progressive" legislation in the past and that this is a family affair and the public shouldn't be involved. But I can bet you money that if The Senate Majority leader here, (R) Joseph Bruno (who incidentally has corruption charges leveled against him) were to do something like this, the Manhattan cocktail liberals would be having riots in the streets. The fact that Spitzer was being totally hypocritical seems to escaped them.
Anyway, keep up the good work.

P.S. I just noticed that AP has announced that he will in fact resign, effective Monday.


Melissa Clouthier said...


I just noticed that too. What is lost on the Left is that this is a LAW man who has broken up the exact kind of sex rings he, himself, participated in. Furthermore, he broke many laws and a regular "John" would be in prison. And it's worse than an average John, because he opens himself up for blackmail which could put all the people he serves in danger.

In short, he's an idiot and a narcissistic one. That's a very dangerous combination when you're a public official with such great responsibilities.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

MaxedOutMama said...

Dr. M, he is arrogant. Possibly self-destructive too, because with this diversion he really turned all of his successes and credentials around and made them a gun pointed at his own head.

I think people are appropriately uneasy about public officials who do not want to live under the law to which the rest of us are subject.

An amazing story. I think really Letterman's rant probably decided the resignation issue. The possibility of money laundering charges is real.

Anonymous said...

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