Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is She Fat?--UPDATED & Bumped

This article caught my attention. A teenage girl in the UK named Chloe Marshall wears a size 16 and is competing in the Miss England beauty competition. She is beautiful. She is curvy. Is she fat? I mean, she obviously has fat on her, but is she what most people would consider fat? Go take a look and come back (there is a full body picture).

It seems that the culture has changed somewhat. The definition of thin seems to be anorexic skinny. The definition of fat seems to be....what?

Are you acceptable visually, as a woman, if you can wear 'regular" clothes as opposed to shopping plus sized? Is it how the weight is distributed? I'm putting this up for a poll. You guys let me know what you think.

Chloe Marshall (the beauty contest contestent) is:
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Update: Rachel Lucas did what I was too lazy to do and put the full body size pictures next to each other for comparison and then she goes on a righteous rant about body image and Hollywood starlets:

But Paris Hilton is not a size 0.

Girls see sites like this one, which claims that Paris is 5′8″ and 105 pounds. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. I know what 105 pounds looks like, and it ain’t Paris Hilton.

No, Hilton is not a size 0. Now, Nicole Ritchie in her anorexic stage? Size 0. That's what Size 0 looks like. Earnest Iconoclast commented over at Rachel's site and links to this site that shows how a person looks at a certain height and weight. It's not what you'd think. And, I'm kinda surprised actually. People look better at certain weights than you'd imagine.

Another commenter mentioned that a fit person looks better at the same weight as an unfit person. Well, fat takes up more room than muscle and it's not as smooth either.

Still, a lean, strong person will weigh more than you think. An actress that comes to mind is Jessica Biel. She is very fit and strong, but that girl will never be a Size 0 or Size 6, probably, either. She is at least 5'7" and she's broad. She looks fantastic. But there is no way in hell that she is the 108 pounds I saw at one site or the 118 pounds I saw at another. She is at least 130 pounds, easily, probably more and it's all muscle. I agree with Rachel. Women need to stop lying about this and the actresses themselves need to stop lying about it. It's stupid.

Update again:
Oh, I forgot to link to this chart which is a BMI chart (BMI means Body Mass Indicator). Now, please note, that by this chart, Tom Cruise is considered fat. So is President Bush. Both men are extraordinarily fit for their age. Also note, that for Biel's height, she should be between 117-159 pounds. I'm upping my estimate of her weight to 140. She has such amazing muscle density, that she weighs far more than she looks.

So, just FYI, do NOT rely on the BMI chart if you are very muscular. It will likely count you as obese. The BMI is for average people of average fitness.


Anonymous said...

Melissa, very time I try to vote it completely takes me to "connection has timed out" page. I vote as her being average. I think she is very beautiful. She could tighten that stomach a bit but other than that she is wonderful!

Radiant Worship said...

I think she's beautiful. I think she might be heavier than average, but not heavy enough for me to click "fat".
Anyway, I hope she wins the whole thing.

Jess said...

(snort)... that was me, not radiant worship.

Melissa Clouthier said...

Anon 9:23,

I don't know what the deal is. Sometimes Pollcode farts out. Don't know why. Try again in a bit and see if it works. Maybe it's your browser? Technically, I'm retarded when it comes to anything beyond simple technology.

Anonymous said...

And I would probably be even more retarded than you when it comes to that sort of stuff! :-) At least you will try all sorts of things. I stick with my computer, keyboard, and a simply cell phone. :-(

Mark Roberts said...

*pfft* No, she isn't fat. I would even personally consider labeling her 'beautiful' or at very least 'pretty'. I think curves on a woman are a perfectly fine thing, if I wanted to be in a relationship with a twig I would go plant a new tree in my backyard.

john f not kerry said...

She is gorgeous! And this comes from a guy happily married 15 years (today!) to a 5'2" size 6 120 pound gorgeous woman. I am sick to death of stick figures being thrust on us as the epitome of "beauty." Beauty comes from being real, being happy, and being good to others.

Who Struck John said...

She looks good to me!

(Of course, once upon a time I was engaged to a woman with a very similar figure [except 2" taller!].)

MaxedOutMama said...

She's a bit too heavy, but she looks like a very happy person. A lot of men go for the women who are rounder anyway. I think they're genetically set to do so.

But one thing I have personally noticed is that guys will go for a woman who seems happy and friendly with a few curves every time over an anxious twiggie, and for a twiggie who seems happy and friendly over a curvaceous doomster every time. Maybe men have more sense than most women think they do!

My personal standard is not to have a heavy stomach. I naturally carry a lot in the bust and hips, and I only did myself damage when I tried to whittle too much of that away. Most women look best when they stay at the low end of their natural weight, and live active lives. That's probably also the healthiest strategy.

MP said...

What a decision! While she's probably average, I must say average is pretty hefty these days. Dress size is insignificant for too many reasons to count. So, what to do? My choice was unpopular (ie fat) however in choosing that, I think she's a lovely girl and should do well in the competition. She's got great proportions and a beautiful face. Heck, I wish my proportions were a little more like hers, but I'm doomed to stickdom.

Anonymous said...

If she were already 30 years old and that size, I'd say she was a bit heavy but still hot.

But, since she's currently about half that age, I'd say she's too plump.

She needs to watch what she eats and to exercise from now on, because in another 15 years, she could be obese.

Tom said...

Why is it acceptable for her to be lazy and not exercise and eat what she wants? Not only would she look better if she lost 20 pounds but she would be healthier. Sure it's hard work to lose weight and keep it off but lots of things in life are hard and we still do it. Another poster above is right, if she this heavy when she's young, what is she going to look like in ten years?

Anonymous said...

I'd take her over my wife any day. At least she doesn't have a gut.

Melissa Clouthier said...

A commenter at the poll protested that the question needs to be more specific, but I wrote it that way on purpose. Does she qualify as average by today's standards or fat?

I agree that because she's young, she should be thinner. No kids and she's dealing with that. It will be harder for her.

Mama is right about belly fat. That's the problem. Getting rid of that.

Sister Honey Bunch said...

I think most women who are her size consider themselves fat and want to lose weight.

Looking at her I think she looks beautiful. I would never look at her and think "Oh wow, she's fat". Now if she was dressed all sloppy and frumpy, my answer might be different.

I liked what Rachel said about how hard women are on themselves. It's true. And the media only pushes us that way, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Pretty gorgeous to me.

Alpha_Male said...

Hmmm. She's not fat, just ugly. Honestly, I know some gorgeous larger ladies, but she just isn't one of them. To be that large when she is so young too stinks of laziness. We, as a society, should celebrate what is considered healthy - she isn't healthy.

Wayne and Megan said...

Just one question for people like the last "John" who posted, why do you assume that she be 'lazy, not exercise and eat what she wants?' Cause she carries a bit of fat on her frame? So you have never met a slim person who was "lazy, not exercise and eat what they want?"
Don't judge people's lifestyle from their looks!

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