Thursday, April 03, 2008

BDS Intellectual Style

A friend's rant about Bush:

Bush and his flagitious camarilla have left the country in a lachrymose fettle! Cheney is an absolute agouti in my book. Their brains are obviously dessicated and shriveled from desuetude. Their skulls must be stuffed with kapok!

I kid you not. That came in an email today.


Anonymous said...

I laughed at this one and because I am always up to learning a new word, I took the time just now to look these words up. I wonder if your e-mailer was being funny...or does he/she always talk like this? Must be their first year in college. :-)

flagitious: shamefully wicked, vile, scandalous

camarilla: group of advisers: especially a secretive group advising an important person.

Lachrymosse: tear like; tearful, sorrowful

fettle: condition, state, trim, "to make ready, arrange."

agouti: tropical rodent - a rabit-sized roden with short ears and clawed feet

desuetude: disuse; become unaccustomed to

kapok: from Malay kapoq, name of the large tropical tree which produces the fibers.

Anonymous said...

wow, nothing quite like an angry Liberal with a Thesaurus! I think that is the one thing that keeps me from being a Democrat... they are so damn miserable.

- Little Brother

Anonymous said...

...nothing quite like an angry Liberal with a Thesaurus!

Worse than Paolini of Eragon fame...