Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sacred Voting & Operation Chaos

Is mocking this ridiculous (worthy of ridicule) campaign season with Operation Chaos this:

I keep thinking about the Russian Immigrant who looked forward to his first chance to vote in America, and told Gerard Vanderleun, “I will vote always for best, always”…and about the people in Iraq who braved so much to hold their purple fingers in the air…and about the Iraqi and American dead who fought to give them that right.

And in thinking about them, I’m a bit ashamed of our three-ring circus and the casual menace which we are bringing to our own sacred process. They all deserve better than we’re giving them, right now.

What is your opinion? Is Limbaugh subverting a sacred trust, or is he - somehow - “saving” it?

Well, this election has been absurd. It's been too long. The Democrats are both certifiable liars. They are so extreme in their ideology that it's disturbing. The primary season has been like watching a girl fight. Tight lipped, pulled punches, low blows and bitch slapping. No arguing over substance, because there's no substance to argue over. It's been lame.

So does it matter who gets the nomination? The deal Clinton and Obama have made is to talk about nothing. They agree about everything, so what's to discuss? Basically, do you prefer vagina or mocha colored skin? The primary has been reduced to identity. How can anyone take it seriously? It has been completely UN-serious.

As for Limbaugh's entré into the big dance. Who cares? Is he making a bigger difference than the actual campaigns themselves? They too, are asking Republicans to defect and support them. And some are. Some women and Hispanics that voted for Bush are going for Clinton. And all the blacks that would have voted for Clinton are voting for Obama. This election is symbolic, don't ya know? There is no substance. How can Rush possibly make it worse?

Should we be embarrassed? Yes. But the candidates and those voting for them seem beyond irony.

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Antoinette said...

Rush is inserting himself into the Democrats war and thereby taking the heat off the Democrats. This is not Rush's chaos, this is the chaos created by a party that put identity above everything else. Rush has made himself the scapegoat for the damage the Democratic party is inflicting on itself. I think Rush has really lost it this time.