Monday, April 28, 2008

Conservative Women Who Date Weirdos...Evidently

When John interviewed me about dating, I shared my story about List Man. Well, that's nuthin'..... But of course, that was before online dating. Part II of the dating story is up.

Now, one of my favorite bloggers is Megan McCardle. She has to have a 180 I.Q., her takes are just so smart. Or maybe I'm just intimidated by statistics and economics. It's probably both. Anyway, she is interviewed by John. I was the only woman last time who didn't really care so much about whether a guy considered himself conservative or not. Megan encapsulates my feelings here:

Have you dated liberals before? If so, any difference you can tell between liberal and conservative guys -- or liberal and libertarian guys in your case, either or?

I have dated all three...No, I wouldn't say that there is a difference. It sort of depends on the conservative guy. I haven't dated a lot of hardcore social conservatives for obvious reasons, but I think that the danger with the liberals and conservatives is that if they are living in an area where they're dominant, they can be quite set and unimaginative about their political ideas.

But, it's the personality of the guy. I've dated generous, bleeding heart libertarians and conservatives and sexist, annoying liberals. It's really the person, not the ideology.
There are some funny as heck stories about weird dates. Go read them. Sometimes I really wonder what men are thinking. Good grief! Also, these women are gorgeous. Don't tell me there aren't good, smart, beautiful women out there guys.

You find what you're looking for.....