Monday, April 07, 2008

Crotch Shots and Feminists With Brazen Breasts

Few images disturb a feminist's sensibilities more than a man sitting, spread-eagled bodaciously facing the camera. Ravishment unsettles as well, especially ravishment that foreshadows beheading. Of course, that disqualifies the cover of nearly every romance novel. I have to say, on that count, I agree with the feminists. Yuck. Romance novels suck--not that I've ever read one. Well, unless you consider Somewhere In Time by Richard Matheson (remember Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymore? sigh) a romance novel. But I digress.....

Cassy Fiano actually goes and reads feminist blogs and found this post especially entertaining. I don't go read their blogs because I already have enough digestive disturbances. It's better that I pretend those blogs don't exist. Saves on toilet paper. Hey! And that saves the environment! Cassy thinks the ladies do protest too much. Well, yeah. That's what girls do. Get all excited and cluck a lot about nothing.

What struck me, though, was the second image. Do you recall a similar image? I do. Oh, I do. It's the spread eagle pose. Mmmm hmmmm. Kinda hot, right? A man so manly that he cannot do anything but spread his legs when he's sitting. He's just that endowed.

Clinton has that weirdly amused look on his face. He's having fun. And that reminded me of another photo--one that included prominent breasts around Bill.

You see, I find the disconnect between what is acceptable for a guy like Clinton but not acceptable for a stupid advertisement the thing that undermines feminists. Well, one of things that undermines their message. You want to be taken seriously? You want us to care that you care about the King of England being portrayed as a misogynist (and it would be difficult to argue that old Henry VIII loved women outside of being objects of entertainment, but let's not look at history in context), then care about real men with real power who claim to be feminists while fucking over women. And Bill Clinton does just that. Ann Althouse said, "I think Clinton betrayed feminism (and I hate the way many feminists have given him a pass)."

Bill continues to screw women. I think he's been a huge detriment to his wife, but of course she's in a bind. If she ditches him, she ditches the whole reason she's being considered as a presidential contender to begin with. If she keeps him, well, he sucks the oxygen out of the room because he's a typical guy--it's ALL about him. Wait a minute! Isn't that what feminists say? Men are just that way? But not Bill Clinton. Oh, hell no! He is a god. He is hot.

As far as I'm concerned, his wife has done the same thing. Since we're on the topic of betraying feminist ideals--as changeable as they seem (isn't that just like a woman)--Hillary has done the same. No, she hasn't dressed provocatively--unless you consider a slight show of cleavage provocative. But she has wept like a girl. She cries for her own sad plight. That doesn't make her equal, it makes her look like a woman using tears to manipulate. Wait, she is a woman using tears to manipulate. Can you imagine Susan B. Anthony tearing up over her own sad plight? I think not.

Blech. The feminists undermine their own message. If it isn't absolutism about abortion, it's superficial outrage about things that matter little while ignoring things that matter. Feminists need to catch a clue. Or maybe, they just need to get married and have a bunch of kids and do some housework. Idle hands and whatnot.