Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Links For Sex Scandal Rocks The Internet

Cyber sex usually means virtual sex, talking dirty from afar or what have you. Internet nerds aren't known for actually copulating. They just talk about it a lot. A lot. So, it is an absolute shock that two people I've considered friends have been swapping bodily fluids for the all important link--the life bread of the blogosophere.

Now, I was fairly sure that Cassy was slutty. I mean, it's kinda axiomatic. She's a woman. She's (or was) a conservative woman. She seems to enjoy submitting to the dominant white male patriarchy. Frankly, her professed love for conservative men made me a little sick. I wasn't alone. She claims to have changed her ways. Does she really think going lesbian will cover her true deviant desires for dominating, conservative, white males? Please.

But John Hawkins, conservative blogger and opinion maker on the right lowering himself. He's worse than Eliot Spitzer. How dare he criticize the leftist sex fiends like Bill Clinton, Barney Frank and old Eliot. And now, he's finally following his dream. Forget politics and turn toward his slutty love. His new website is Celebrity Slut Puppies.


Jess said...

I am SO going to keep reading your posts today :D

Anonymous said...

You are so orrrrnry!

Ryan Placchetti said...

Who hasn't had sex with John?