Wednesday, April 02, 2008

More Homeschooling News in California

John Stossel has a good article that's worth reading in its entirety, but here's the salient point:

That's reasonable news. But why is education the business of government? It's taken for granted that the state is every child's ultimate parent, but there's no justification for that in a free society. Parents may not be perfect -- some are pretty bad -- but a cold, faceless bureaucracy is no better.
I link to John even knowing that he hates chiropractors. The same argument could be made for health care choice, John. Millions of happy people who have gotten well and live healthy lives support chiropractic. Why should the government interfere? But I digress....

The amount of resources going toward education could be given back to the people. Imagine having that money and choosing your child's school. Yes, there is an economy of scale with public school education, but there is also so much waste it's breathtaking.

As I've said before, I'm no ideologue when it comes to education. Public, private, home--any choice can be a good choice depending on the circumstances. This is clear though: I'm for freedom of choice. And the way California is going, freedom is being taken away.

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Kathy said...

In the UK our freedom is near to non existent. I believe no matter which school a child attends - if the child wants to learn he/she will.