Saturday, April 01, 2006


As a woman, I have never envied men's bathrooms. The smell, the urinals, the visuals. Yuck. I have, however, envied the short lines at men's bathrooms. I have not envied the manly appendage either. I have envied the ease with which one can pee discreetly at need with said appendage.

As an American, I have never envied French bathrooms. You only have to try to poop in a hole in the floor that is four inches in diameter to be really, really, really thankful that America puts a high priority on public toilets.

With all this, Dr. Melissa has paid for her God-given parts and Devil-driven drinking, with fire ant bites all over her bared behind while trying to find a chaste, modest and safe place in the barren wilderness of East Texas yea, verily, lo many years ago in her mildly wild younger years.

Perhaps the P-Mate would have helped. Or, perhaps the P-Mate is just one more reason that English is the Lingua Franca of the new Millenium. So sorry Jacque.

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