Monday, April 17, 2006

Tom Cruise's Baby Blues

A few weeks ago, I discussed (making my rare foray into pop culture) Scientology's Silent Birth. Of course, it seemed utterly ridiculous. A quiet mother during birth? Puhleeze...

However, in the ensuing weeks I realized that this notion could possibly be the best thing for Katie Holmes. Since Cruise can't seem to keep his yapper shut, this whole silent birth thing could be just the ticket.

Evidently there was misunderstanding all around about the silent birth deal. Everyone else has to be quiet. Mom's can make noise (no words) and do what must be done to get to get the kid out.

Let's hope the birth takes a good 72 hours, pain free of course, so that the world can be spared Mr. Teeth's wisdom. Three whole days without Cruise talking? Maybe Katie will learn to believe in The Full Quiver.

Peace and quiet. Something any spouse of Tom could learn to believe in.

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