Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The NASCAR-Muslim Set-Up

NBC News Producers talking to themselves: We'll put a covered, Arab looking dude in the stands of a bunch of racist, bigots--cuz we all know NASCAR's fans are a bunch of close-minded dunderheads--and we'll secretly tape what happens. Ha! Ha! It will be so funny! We don't have to worry about this getting out to said people, because they don't read! Buwahahaha!

Glen Reynolds thinks it might be because NBC has nothing to lose since they won't be broadcasting NASCAR after 2006. In fact, they might have reason to poison the pot for their rivals. Or maybe, they want to stick it to NASCAR fans because they preferred the way other channels covered the event. The response to NBC's coverage was "tepid".

Or maybe NBC just hates white people or hates people who like NASCAR or just hates middle-Americans who have the dough to follow the circuit. Maybe they're just a bunch of elitist snobs. That last assumption seems pretty likely. What do you think?

By the way, you remember when they blew up a truck to "make the news"? I do too.

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