Friday, June 23, 2006

THIS is Torture

Gateway Pundit has a roundup of what happened to our kidnapped soldiers. Since many of you won't go to the link I'll list it:

  • Ears, nose, penis cut off while alive.
  • Eyes gouged out.
  • Dragged behind trucks.
  • Mouths stuffed with penises and bodies desecrated after death.
  • Beheaded.
  • Bodies booby-trapped so that other soldiers would (hopefully) be killed.
  • A string of bombs led to the bodies to make it more difficult to retrieve them.

THAT is torture. This is incomprehensible, subhuman, barbaric behavior. The poor parents of these boys. The poor troops who they fought with.

Their comrades are supposed to maintain the utmost decorum? Our soldiers have to worry about being prosecuted for aggressively hunting down this kind of filth? I hope they find the guys who did this and hang them publicly on TV for all the world to see. I hope they bulldoze their neighborhoods. I hope that every person who aided, fed, protected, encouraged and taught them is hunted down and killed. We need to take some Daisy Cutters into those Bagdhad neighborhoods still loyal to Saddam and level 'em. Just rid the world of their despicable existence.

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vj said...

This is truly beyond words. These guys were so young and had to suffer in such a violent way. The poor moms and families of these boys.
Dear God, have mercy!!!