Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Talented Women & Bad Boys: Why do the Britneys of the world put up with Fed-Ex's?

Shocking news! Shocking!!!! Bigger than the Dems winning something, anything! Britney Spears has decided to dump free-loading, no-talent, party-hardy dim-bulb husband K-Fed, erst-while rapper.

All the news that is news here, here, here, here, and here. (Giving this topic the importance it deserves.)

Agent Bedhead is hilarious as usual and asks:

Poor K-Fed, he’s screwed. Well financially he’s screwed, career wise that horse never left the gate. Anybody seen the line on how long it’ll take K-Fed to be back in the trailer park where he belongs? I’m betting on six months.
The Britney Spears and Whitney Houstons and Tina Turners and Liz Taylors of the world fascinate because well, for all their lawyers and riches and well-paid for advice, these women still make spectacularly huge mistakes in the love department. These women are like so many other women we know.

Why do talented, hard-working women hook up with "bad boys"? Is it just biological--the testosterone-induced manhood entices them? Do these women feel unworthy of kindness? Do these women let the men be the "bad guys" in the deal so they can say "no" and everyone assumes it's the jerk of a husband?

Queen Elizabeth didn't get married so she couldn't be swayed. Here's a quote:

(2) Sir James Melville, Scottish Ambassador to England in conversation with Elizabeth (1564)

You will never marry... the Queen of England is too proud to suffer a commander... you think if you were married, you would only be Queen of England, and now you are king and queen both.

Is it an either/or thing? Is that why we worry about Hilary in the White House? (Well, one of the reasons....)

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