Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ace Finally Recognizes Barack Obama Scary Possibilities

You know some people (myself included) have not written about Barack Obama obsessively. They (we) just don't get it in the way that really, really smart people get it. Well, now Ace "gets it".

Here are my other references to He Who Shall Save Us All: here, here, here. Some posts include Hillary so they're doubly exciting.


Anonymous said...

What is Barack Obama but The Great Black Hope (TM)?

(Google some references for "The Great White Hope" sometime. As I understand it, around 100 years ago, some sort of major boxing championship was won by a black man (Jack Johnson?). This was an intolerable insult to white boxing fans, so for several years white boxer after white boxer went into the ring -- and lost -- in the attempt to avenge this insult to The Great White Race (TM) by regaining the championship. These boxers were called "The Great White Hope", and were given an adulation of hopes and dreams similar to what Senator Obama receives today.)

Dr. Melissa said...

I would like a Great Conservative Hope, thank you very much. White, black, neon pink need apply--as long as you're a Reagan Conservative.