Friday, February 09, 2007

Border Patrol Agents Incarceration Causing Concern

Tending my domestic tasks in the kitchen this morning and listening to local talk radio. Dan Patrick took a caller from a listener who compared President Bush with Jimmy Carter. Dan Patrick said, "No, I don't think so" (and listed the reasons--economy, defense, etc.). He continued,"No, I think Bush is more like Richard Nixon. Nixon had a bunch of thugs steal papers, but it looks like Bush might have encouraged a ruthless prosecution. That's far worse."

It should be noted here that Patrick is conservative. To say that those on the conservative side of the spectrum are hopping mad would be an understatement and for reasons I cited before:

Even assuming the agents wrongfully shot the fleeing drug dealer in the rear and then tried to cover it, the aggressive prosecution irritates Americans because the government seems so uninterested in aggressively enforcing the law when it comes to illegals.
People are mad specifically about this case and they are mad generally about a few things:
  1. Prosecutorial power unchecked
  2. Illegal immigration being supported by the powers that be
  3. Lack of enforcement for laws on non-citizens
  4. Rigorous, maniacal enforcement for law-abiding citizens, especially those serving our country.
Do the elites in Washington get this? I don't thinks so. This case is symbolic in addition to people perceiving a real wrong being done. Eleven years in prison for shooting an illegal immigrant drug runner in the butt? Does the government believe these officers present a danger to the public at large? Come on. Meanwhile real criminals get a misdemeanor for a similar crime? And meanwhile this scumbag drug runner gets life-time immunity? Forever? He gets to do whatever he wants forever? Kill, deal drugs, cross the border, anything?

Vigilantism occurs when the people perceive a lack or miscarriage of justice. A free society cannot function when the law is so unevenly enforced.

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