Wednesday, November 01, 2006

American's Belief in God Fades

How is it possible that America's belief in God has faded so fast? The last research I read before this article, indicated that the vast majority of America believed in God.

Did 9/11 and war cause the slip? Is it the research or the way the questions are worded? That would be what I suspect, but I'm not sure. The question "Are you absolutely certain that there is a God?" eliminates those with rational doubts.


Anonymous said...

I have a very hard time taking this study serious. All accross the country churches are filled with people. If they don't believe there is a God, what are they doing in a church? I would be interested how this study was done.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I'm not buying this either. I really just don't trust anything just coming out like this and i need to know much more such as WHAT question was asked, how many, who paid for it, who conducted the poll...for starters. c

Anonymous said...

could not agree with you more!!!