Thursday, January 25, 2007

Biden's Logorrhea

Is there a more apt description of the bloviating, self-important wind-bag? I don't think so. It is comical and maddening to watch. Biden is a Senator's Senator which illustrates the problem with the senate: no one can shut up. The only function of the senate is to gum up the works.

Betsy has a funny post about Biden's constant yammering:

Biden's problem is that ever since he was elected senator at the age of 29 he's looked in the mirror and seen a president. And, except for Barbara Boxer, no one else seems to have the same vision.
But isn't that the problem with the whole senate? I think the only member who doesn't want to be President is Dick Cheney.

And don't you just love the word logorrhea? Verbal diarrhea.

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