Sunday, January 14, 2007

Free Speech & Blogging--UPDATE

UPDATE: OK, today we have an example at the other end of the spectrum. Tech Crunch reports that Apple is "bullying bloggers again" by siccing their lawyers on Bloggers who are reporting about a Skin made for Windows-based phones that looks identical to Apple's new iPhone interface.

The Bloggers are reporting. Let me repeat that. They are reporting about an interface and Apple demands that the reporters censor their reporting. Would the New York Times or Washington Post cave to Apple's cease and desist order? They would not. They should not.

Once again, this brings up the question of blogger's rights. As far as I'm concerned, the writers at TechCrunch, Michael Arrington in this case, are reporters. Not only that, any citizen has the right to free speech last I checked. Arrington says:

I think this is all complete nonsense. If Apple wants to go after the guy that made the Windows Mobile skin that looks like the iPhone, fine. But to bully bloggers who are simply reporting on this is another matter.
I hope they hold their ground.


The internet's egalitarian nature caught up with a blogger who threatened to reveal Tucker Carlson's address and phone number. He got fired from his job. Captain Ed succinctly describes the phenomenon: Another Lesson In Not Crapping Where You Eat.

The internet only seems anonymous. It's connected and has a long memory. In the cyber-theater of life, you still can't yell fire. Or, you shouldn't.

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