Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gina Cobb: "We Need To Remember Who We Are"

Gina Cobb writes of used-to-be Great Britain's demise and says:

Britain is still great. At its worse, Britain far outstrips its strongest enemies -- in decency, in honor, in prosperity, in respect for life, in democracy, in simple human freedom.

The same is certainly true of America and most Western nations.

Our worst is usually better than our enemies' best.

We need to remember who we are.
Who are we? We are a nation divided with a good percentage believing that "Amerika" is the biggest terrorist state. In fact, it's the only country the Democrats refuse to negotiate with. That's not the America that I know and experience, but it's the media's America and the Democrat's America. And the fact that they portray America thusly makes me loath part of America. See the conundrum?

Civic pride in the greatness of the idea of individual freedom, capitalism, the pursuit of happiness, the freedom to assemble, jury trials, representation, and on and on, are part of what anger the Left. Hollywood even refuses to make movies showcasing America's warriors and they'd make bucket loads of money doing it.

It's hard to remember greatness, when America receives less media and Leftist political respect than a terrorist sponsor-state like Syria.