Friday, April 04, 2008

Random Stuff You Need To Know

Banning smoking increases drunk driving? Ace says, "Eh, most studies are wrong but this is annoying."

There have been arguments over women in combat. This woman is a S.W.A.T. officer--in fact, she's one of the first.

Obama isn't a regular guy and his 37 bowling score kinda proves it. Hell, I think even I could beat that score. Can a non-regular elite guy get elected to President? Do we even want a guy who can't relate to the common American becoming President?

In a related item, the economy will probably be the biggest deal for the new President--that, and keeping Americans from being killed by psychopathic terrorists--and so, who do you think is most qualified to deal with this? I come up with a big donut on all three candidates. Sigh. Mama has some economic thoughts and they're good ones, as usual.

Want to help me? I don't beg for money, even though I could really use it to justify my sad existence here. But what I really, really want is for you to help my friend who is starting an awesome business. It's called Wing and A Prayer jewelry. Right now, they have prayer bracelets for all occasions, but what they're going to come out with and I'm totally psyched to tell you first, is that they'll have prayer bracelets for the families and friends of those in the armed services. The bracelets will reflect the colors of each branch. 10% of the sale of each bracelet will go to a charity. When I know which one, I'll tell you. The owners of this company, Jay and Denise, are the best sort of people. I just love them! Love them! Please support them!

Also, and this is not happy news, a friend of mine found out that his six year old son has cancer. His son is named Gunner. Please pray for him and his family. You can find more out about their story at Caring Bridge. I remember the days in the hospital with my own sons and looking out the windows and seeing happy people and wondering if I would ever be happy like that again. I am happy again, but there is an awareness that never leaves. Quite apart from our own superficial world, people struggle with their loss and grief and illness in hospitals and homes. Time is stopping for them or time is too short. Life is distorted through the hazy glass of pain and medicine and fear. What people need during these times is practical love--money and letters and groceries and food and maybe a housekeeper. Those shows of caring mean everything. Gunner's dad is a cop. His life is service to the community. Please pray for them all.